what is odd light comics?

Founded under the statue of a topless mermaid in a Lower East Side dive bar, Odd Light is a New York-based company seeking the next generation of comic book creators.

We stand for the different—as our name suggests, we want to shine a light on the quirky nether regions of the comic book industry. So, while we’re huge fans of the work put out by the big publishing houses, we believe there’s still a ton of stories and voices they’re currently missing out on.

And that’s where you come in.

Our goal is to find, mentor and publish talented writers and illustrators eager to tell exciting new stories. If you’ve ever had an idea that you thought would make a great comic or doodled a character you could see becoming part of a long-running narrative, now’s your chance to do something about it.

Which means that, YES, we’re definitely accepting pitches.

But why Odd Light?

We’re four comic book enthusiasts (aficionados, connoisseurs, super geek-out fans—whatever you want to call us) from different walks of life with very specific, Liam Neeson-like sets of skills. We have each worked long and hard in our individual fields and have put our accumulated know-how together to create a professional, talent-centered publisher that will make sure your work is not only widely distributed, but also picked up by actual human beings.

So that’s the company, in a nutshell. And here are the nuts:

Joel Marino

Born in Argentina, raised in Miami and currently residing in the far reaches of Brooklyn, Joel is an award-winning journalist who has covered crime in South Florida and the international TV industry in New York, among other assignments. His parents bought him his first comics to tide him over on long Buenos Aires commutes to childhood piano lessons (just don’t ask him to play—he remembers his first time reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but not a single piano chord).

Chris Necuze
Creative Director

Chris is a multimedia producer based out of Miami (the Florida one). A lifelong lover of visual design, Chris spent his early years as an aspiring artist and graphic designer before making the jump to journalism and visual storytelling. Since then he has dedicated himself to using all manner of visual media to create dynamic content with powerful stories. His library of comic book all-stars includes The FlashThe Walking Dead and The Dark Knight Returns.

Sean Davis
Marketing Director

A Florida-sympathizing Virginian currently living as a Brooklynite, Sean is an award-winning remixer and a digital native. Having helmed the 2012/13 marketing rebrand of New York’s iconic Jazz at Lincoln Center, he has experience making things relevant to a new audience and creating loyalty through the use of content. Sean enjoys comics that take beloved characters and completely change the way a reader sees them (see Garfield: His 9 Lives). Go ahead and ask him to play whatever chord you’d like in Joel’s stead—Sean learned to read music before reading actual words.

Seth Freudenburg

Seth is as corn-fed as they come, having grown up in rural Nebraska on his family’s farm. After a half-decade career in media, he came up with the idea for Odd Light at a Todd McFarlane presentation during New York Comic-Con. He looks forward to creating stories with complex antagonists because, let’s face it, villains are the most interesting characters.