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Justin Richards
Justin Richards
The written word has always been Justin Richard’s stock in trade. He was a journalist for several years before entering the tech world as a researcher in computational linguistics, which studies the intersections between machine intelligence and human language. He now works as a programmer by day and as a writer… very early in the day. Raised in Massachusetts and Florida, Justin has spent the last decade in Brooklyn, New York.


Tom Bair
Tom Bair
Tom Bair’s guiding aesthetic interest is innovation. Whether in performance, poetry, fiction, essay, or combinations thereof, his work tries to find an imaginative frontier worth exploring. He’s currently pursuing an MFA in fiction at the University of Pittsburgh, where his thesis will be a work of interactive fiction set in a near-future New York City during the live broadcast of a reality TV show. His poems, stories, and essays have appeared in various publications, though his most developed work to date is Prophets Four Profits, a work of transmedia storytelling. He lives in Pittsburgh with his partner and his dog.
Leeann Hamilton

Leeann Hamilton has been drawing comics for a long time. She has been credited on animated projects, mobile games development, and illustrative work.

Currently, Hamilton hosts lectures on 2D art and design at Pulse College in Dublin, Ireland. She has created many self-published comics, with her work Kitteenies being the prime feather in her cap. She also enjoys making stupid puns, drinking gallons of tea, and playing video games. Always carries a sketchbook and pens.